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2010 Prix Canson®


2010 Prix Canson® in a few words :


« The jury was composed of very different individuals: curators, dealers, critics, artists… Each one selected three artists. The choice was made in a very democratic way. Fabien Mérelle, whom I personally did not know very well, stood out from the rest. I have really been seduced by his talent. And that is one of the goals of these awards, to highlight a young artist who is beginning to emerge. All the artists who participated in this prize will be exhibited at the School of Fine Arts. They are involved in society, they communicate. For me, the role of an artist is not to invest in the commerce of one's works, but to partake in daily life, to exchange, to broaden one's knowledge. What interests me most in the art, is really the communication. The aesthetic is a tool or a pretext. What counts is to play a role in the society, to be a citizen in the Platonic sense of the term I agreed to be the President of this Prix Canson because paper is the very basis of the art. With a child, you simply give paper and a colored pencil and it begins… In the age of the Internet, where some artists work with digital images and where the original papers no longer exist, it is very important to celebrate paper.»
Gérard Garouste