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The 2013 Prix Canson®


2013 Prix Canson® in a few words :

The 2013 edition of the Prix Canson® refl ects our commitment to developing a Grand Prix that is recognized internationally. It is an ambition that calls for exacting standards at every level, personified in 2013 by the choice of an internationally acclaimed chairman, Yan Pei-Ming, and the selection of a jury composed of recognized experts. They each put forward candidates from 21 different countries with the aim of rewarding an emerging high level professional artist who is already known in his or her own country and shows real international potential.

Yan Pei-Ming has fully understood these requirements by helping us to advance the selection process for winners. For the 2013 edition, the jury short-listed an initial selection from the 39 nominees and chose 5 fi nalists based on their portfolios. The jury then convened in Paris to meet with the fi nalists, view their works exhibited by the Fonds Canson® pour l’Art et le Papier at the Art Paris Art Fair, trade views with each of them and then ask them for additional works. The jury will meet one last time on June 4 in order to see these new works exhibited at the Paris Petit Palais and deliberate just before the Prix award ceremony. 



Canson dressing up the Petit Palais 

For the first time, the Petit Palais has been adorning the 20 columns of the building’s façade with the scintillating colours of Canson® papers. Produced for the Prix Canson® exhibition, this outdoor expression of art was clearly visible from the street and was sure to keep all eyes on this magnificent historical building throughout the 2013 summer.

Behind the achievement of this frontage, seen as never before, a few figures: 500 m2 of Canson® Vivaldi®-Iris® 185g/m2 paper and 500 m2 of canvas.