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Anthony Chambaud

"Canson® tells the story of both my region and my childhood. From an early age, every art class started with the ritual of opening the Canson® packet then losing myself in a creative actitvity.
It's still that same ritual now and I still use Canson® paper for all of my prep work


Anthony Chambaud has always had a creative streak. From a young age he's dabbled in music, drawing and Latin dances. But, when he stumbled across an abstract picture in 2010 it was a real revelation.
From that day onwards, Anthony has been absolutely passionate about abstract painting and continues to experiment, playing with paintbrushes and acrylic paint. His aim is to be able to contextualise deep abstract realms integrating colour harmony, depth and composition.This artist's passion has led to him selling several hundred pictures in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada.