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Canson® Digital and Manual Technical Drawing ranges

Canson® CAD media for inkjet plotters, laser plotters & PPC copiers

The computer-assisted design (CAD) Canson® range comprises polyester films, tracing paper, coated and uncoated opaque papers, depending on the technique (monochrome or colour, line drawings or solid colour) and print technology being used (inkjet plotters, pen plotters, PPC copiers and laser plotters, dye or pigment-based inks, etc.).

This product is unavailable in Australia.

Weight or thickness

CAD tracing paper: 90/95 et 110/115 gsm
Opaque paper premium: 90 gsm
Opaque Paper archive ultra-white: 90 gsm
Standard Plus / Opaca PM: 60, 80 et 90 gsm
Opaque paper: 80 gsm
Surfaced economical paper: 90 gsm
Precision coated paper: 95 gsm
High resolution coated paper: 100 gsm
Polyester film translucent mat on both sides 75 μ: 121 gsm
Transparent film 100 μ: 167 gsm
Polyester film  mat CAD 75 μ: Base: 75 μ. Total: 100 μ
Opaque paper PPC: 75/80 gsm.

Colours and textures

Number of colours available: 1


CAD tracing paper: Sheets (A2, A1, A0), reams (A4, A3) and rolls of 50m
Opaque paper premium: Rolls of 50m
Opaque Paper archive ultra-white: Sheets (10 sizes), reams (A4 et A3), rolls of 50m
Standard Plus / Opaca PM: Rolls of 50m
Opaque paper: Rolls of 50m
Surfaced economical paper: Sheets (A2, A1, A0), rolls of 50m
Precision coated Paper: Rolls
High resolution coated paper: Sheets (A2, A1, A0), rolls
Polyester film translucent mat on both sides 75 μ: Rolls of 30m
Transparent film 100 μ: 36" x 20m
Polyester film mat CAD 75 μ: Sheets (A2, A1), reams (A3, A4)
Opaque paper PPC: 36" x 175 m.