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Canson & Montgolfier Paper Museum

Housed in the birthplace of the Montgolfier brothers, the Canson & Montgolfier Paper Museum displays paper machines and documents.

The machines which have marked the history of papermaking are presented in a workshop covering over 500 square metres. They are still in working order, thus enabling visitors to learn about techniques ranging from papermaking to printing.

The museum also recounts the history of paper, that of the Montgolfier family and that of the company.

Visitors can also learn about making paper by hand and paper hot-air balloons.


For further information, please contact :

Musée des Papeteries Canson et Montgolfier
Vidalon, 07430 Davézieux, France
Tel. : +33 (0)4 75 69 89 20
Fax. :+33 (0)4 75 33 86 45