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Canson® Art Book ranges

Canson® Universal Art BookTM

With its round corners it is easier to transport and more durable. It also has a very useful pocket for loose papers/items.

Its elastic closing system is innovative: being attached to the interior the elastic does not hang loose, maintaining its aesthetic aspect.

With its 112 sheets and Canson® Crob'Art® permanent drawing paper (96 gsm), Canson® Universal Art BookTM is all purpose and durable in all senses.

Weight or thickness

96 gsm

Recommended techniques

Ideal for: pencil, pastel, charcoal and felt pen
Also suitable for: writing and making notes.


  • 10,2 x 15,2 cm
  • 14 x 21,6 cm
  • 21,6 x 27,9 cm
  • 27,9 x 35,6 cm

Standard & Longevity guarantee

Complies with ISO Standard 9706, acid-free and without optical brightness additives.