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Canson® Fine art Specific Australia

Canson® Fine art Specific Australia

Canson®, nearly 5 centuries of know-how and excellence.

Canson® was established in 1557 in Annonay by the Montgolfier family. Canson®, heir of nearly half a millennium of know-how, has managed to perpetuate a tradition of expert papermakers passing down the recipe for excellent paper from generation to generation.

From its origin, Canson® paper has been made in Annonay in France. The mill, supplied by pure water from the Deûme River, produces finely selected paper bales. The most modern technologies, like the preparation of paper for inkjet printing are combined with the oldest production techniques, like the use of the best wool felt to offer superior texture on the sheets, as well as subtle watermarks created by cylinders with handmade metallic sewing.

In the following pages, you'll find the Australian product ranges.