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The Louvre

Thématique : Vues extérieures - Cour Napoléon
Titre : Cour Napoléon, Pyramide et Pyramide inversée de nuit
Précisions : reportage carte de voeux 2008, vues extérieures  
Localisation : Musée du Louvre / Cour Napoléon ; La Pyramide
Photographe : Angèle Dequier / N° Image : AD070516
Copyright photo : © 2007 Musée du Louvre / Ieoh Ming Pei / Angèle Dequier

Continuing the digital inventory of the Prints & Drawings Department

Thanks to the support of Canson® , the Prints & Drawings Department of the Louvre is digitizing all of its exceptional collection of works. The Department is the custodian of 140,000 works out of the 445,000 held by the museum. This collection will then be accessible to all web users via the site
On the site, Canson® also sponsors the section entitled "Today's focus".
The Prints & Drawings Department's works on paper, covering all techniques, are also made available to the public in a room located in the Pavillon de Flore.
Information: or 01 40 20 52 51


Canson® , a major partner of the Louvre

In 2010, Canson® and the Musée du Louvre entered into a major partnership involving the museum's Prints & Drawings Department and Internet development.
The link between Canson® and the Louvre is not something new. Canson® has been sponsoring the museum's educational workshops since 2006. In 2010, a new step was reached. Driven by a common goal, the two partners have intensified their links to provide greater support to the creation of artwork on paper.
For Canson® , this new partnership, due to run for at least four years, comprises several joint actions.


"Le papier à l’œuvre",

a great exhibition focused on artists and paper presented by the Louvre and Canson® from June 9 to September 5 2011 in the Salle de la Chapelle

Whether it is white, colored, translucent, oiled, watermarked, cut-up, torn, roughed up or recycled, paper is a prime drawing medium. This is corroborated by this exceptional exhibition bringing together some sixty works, from the 15th century to today, stemming from the collections of the Louvre and other institutions.
Divided into five sections, it shows the vividness and durability of the aesthetic and technical qualities of paper. The last part of the exhibition is mainly dedicated to works from the end of the 20th century.
The exhibition begins and ends with two works done on Canson® paper – Matisse's Blue Nude IV and Jaccard's Combustion, mèche noire et traces de brûlures sur papier Canson II. It will also highlight a few of the brand's famous papers, such as Ingres paper and Montval® paper, in a section presenting the papers chosen by artists for their specific characteristics.
At the entrance to the exhibition, a work created on Montval® paper by contemporary artist Dominique de Beir will provide an opportunity to look back on the history of this paper which is highly appreciated by artists. It was created for Aristide Maillol at the beginning of the 20th century and refined by Canson® in 1925 to reach a broader market.

Exhibition Commissioners: Nathalie Coural with the collaboration of Hélène Grollemund and Dominique Cordellier


The new website of the Louvre

Canson® is providing its support for the new website of the Louvre. The museum wishes to enhance its educational aspect and offer more interactivity to its visitors.
Since April 2010, Canson® has been sponsoring the section called "Today's focus" on the homepage of the museum's website.


Canson®, sponsor of several restorations

After having supported those projects between 2010 and 2014, Canson® will enable the restoration of the celebrated pastel, 'The Portrait of the Marquise of Pompadour' by Maurice Quentin Delatour and of the preparatory study to the Allegory of Temperance, one of the frescoes in the Vatican's Sala di Constantino, by Giulio Romano, a student of Raphaël.

Thanks to Canson's sponsorship®, the Louvre Museum will also be able to restore nine albums from the Graphic Arts department, including one by Eugène Delacroix, and to celebrate them with the production of beautiful books, which includes the reproduction of these notebooks.


Canson® , partner of the educational Workshops of the Louvre

The educational Workshops introduce children between the ages of 4 and 13 to the keys of artistic creation. They enable them to discover art techniques and civilizations as well as works in the collections. The activities for children take place in the Louvre's workshops and in the museum's galleries. Canson® supports those workshops through the supply of drawing paper.