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Miho Akiyama “Paper Sculptor”

18 November 2021

For over 450 years, Canson® has been inspiring artists worldwide, as asserted by the brand's baseline "Inspirational Papers since 1557". Today we’d like to introduce Miho Akiyama, the ‘paper sculptor’.

Miho Akiyama

Miho Akiyama is a paper sculpture artist based in Hyogo, Japan.


She started creating 3D paper artworks in her college days.

Her works, mainly designed with Canson Mi-Teintes paper, have been displayed in several museums and commercial venues.

Miho regularly chairs paper sculpting workshops for children, adults and educators.


In 2019, her exhibition," Miho Akiyama Paper Zoo”, was held at the Tonami city art museum in Toyama, Japan, with a total of more than 59,000 visitors.


In 2020-2021, she designed pop-up cards for the craft workshop "Bonpoint Voyage", held by the kids’ clothes brand, Bonpoint.