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The Möbius Loop and APUR

Canson et l'environnement

« The Möbius loop, the symbol of recycled/recyclable products »


The Möbius loop is the international recycling symbol. When accompanied by a percentage, it indicates that the product is made from recycled materials. When there is no percentage, it simply means that the product is recyclable. The use of the Möbius loop is not controlled by a recognized authority.

The French Association of Recycled Paper Producers and Users awards a label to products containing at least 50% recycled cellulose fibers. The use of the APUR label is controlled by the association.

Canson complies with the ISO 14021 standard (ISO: International Standard Organization) which lays down the general principles for the environmental self-declaration of products.

Good to know:

- RECYCLED PRODUCT = Product containing raw materials stemming from materials recovered from the sorting and collection of household or industrial waste.

- RECYCLABLE PRODUCT = Product which can potentially be disposed of in the household waste recycling bins for its recycling as a raw material in a second life cycle.