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Play with shades of grey or yellow ochre

23 July 2020

New paper to discover urgently...

This paper has a soft feel with a slightly grained texture.
The name "C" à grain® refers to this paper’s slightly grained texture that allows you to quickly obtain subtle effects of depth as well as shading between shadow and light.
The surface is your invitation to travel to the land of creation where shapes and colours can develop fully and permanently.
The premium quality of this paper allows for corrections and modifications without damaging the fibres of the paper and insures an excellent conservation of your work over time.
The Canson® "C" à grain® paper range is adding two new colours to its existing range: grey and yellow ochre, revealing or shaping contrasts, emphasizing lights but also playing with shades of colours.
The very fine grain and fiber content of this coloured "C" à grain® paper allows to optimize the full potential of pencils, charcoals, sanguines, pastels and white chalks.
Only CANSON® has the CANSON® know-how.

Product sheet :

You will soon have a chance to win these pads by participating in the events that we are setting up on our Facebook & Instagram pages. Stay tuned!