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The Preservation of Health and Protection of the Environment

Canson et l'environnement

« Canson® paper contains no environmentally toxic substance(1) »


What is the REACH(2) regulation?

Since June 2007, the new European regulation on chemicals has been striving to provide better protection for health and the environment. By 2018 at the latest, all chemical industries will have to supply safety data sheets on health and the environment for all substances they sell. REACH will then identify the substances of very high concern (SVHC within the meaning of Art. 57, Regulation 1907/2006) which require authorization for their production and use.


How to make sure that art and drawing papers are not dangerous?

Each participant in the chain must declare whether substances of very high concern are present.
Guided by the principle of precaution, Canson® has decided to find alternatives to all toxic substances in its papers. The Canson® paper mills thus use no substance of very high concern or toxic substance in the manufacturing of its papers.

Through the environmentally friendly design of our products , we have reduced our ecological footprint, notably by finding alternatives to environmentally toxic chemicals such as varnishes and glues nbsp;


(1) This applies to Canson® paper produced by the Canson® paper mills in which no chemical listed as environmentally toxic has been added during manufacturing
(2) REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemical substances) 


The Canson® commitments: the absence of toxic products in our papers is essential for two reasons: the permanence of the artworks across the centuries and the reduction of our environmental impact. This is why we anticipated on the REACH regulation and now produce most of our Fine Art papers without acid or optical whiteners. Our papers age better as they do not yellow but, more importantly, we protect the environment by reducing the amount of potentially hazardous substances released by our production sites.