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The Water cycle

Very pure water is the principal natural resource used for the production of Canson® paper.


How does the water cycle work?

Water goes from one ecosystem to another via natural phenomena such as precipitation, evapotranspiration, infiltration and runoff. Large quantities of water are stored in the oceans and glaciers, as well as rivers, the soil and the atmosphere.

What role does the forest play in the water cycle?

The forest cover prevents the runoff of rainwater by promoting the infiltration of water into the soil where it is stored as groundwater. Moreover, the trees’ foliage releases water into the atmosphere via the evapotranspiration process.

How does the paper industry fit into the water cycle?

Water is the principal natural resource used for the production of Canson® paper. This is why paper mills were built near rivers. Canson® paper mills use very pure water from the rivers of the Ardèche in France. For us, the quality of the surrounding rivers is an everyday concern. The rivers around the Canson®; paper mills have been rated category 1 (very good quality) by the water board.

Did you know?

In France, river contracts have been set up to enable local communities, fishermen, associations, and industrialists to find technical and financial solutions to improve and enhance the aquatic environments of the drainage basin.

"Water is one of the fundamental stakes of the 21st century.

Our international commitment concerning water has never been so strong or essential. In March 2012, in Marseilles, France will host the sixth World Water Forum. This major event will bring together tens of thousands of players from all continents, local elected representatives, experts, enterprises and NGOs. "

Henri de Raincourt, Minister attached to Michèle Alliot-Marie, Minister of State, Foreign and European Affairs, in charge of cooperation.
For the newspaper Le Monde on on 21.01.2011